First Harvest Teas

First harvest teas are made from premium, single origin, single variety tea leaves that are crafted with meticulous attention. These tea leaves come from the early days of the season’s first harvest in spring. They’re bursting with flavour and nutrients after lying dormant over winter.

Estate Teas

Estate teas are crafted to perfection and comprise of high-quality mid and late harvest tea leaves from a handful of farms. The flavours are balanced, smooth and diverse. Estate teas are a great starting point if you’re new to green tea or seeking something different.

Tea Blends

Our green tea blends are lovingly created with organic or wild harvested ingredients, such as fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, seeds and grains. We’ve based them off the simple principle of pure deliciousness. You’re sure to find a new favourite green tea here.

Gifts & Samples

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