Perfect South offers Australian grown green tea that’s crafted using authentic Japanese methods. We source only high quality tea that’s balanced, smooth and without the bitterness so often associated with green tea. We have a select range of styles from the last two harvests only, to ensure freshness, and also create blends and limited edition teas that are unique to the Australian market.


You might be surprised to learn that some regions of Australia are absolutely perfect for growing tea. The fertile sub-alpine valleys and southern hemisphere climate and conditions of Victoria’s North East favour the camellia sinensis plant and are similar to some of the best tea growing regions of Japan, which is how we got our name, Perfect South. There are a number of growers with established farms in the region (we are not farmers ourselves).


The camellia sinensis plant is hardy and only a small amount of intervention is needed to grow the crop, the rest is left to nature and the expert hands of the farmers who grow and manage the tea farms. No pesticides are used on the farms and Perfect South sourced green tea is stringently tested to ensure it’s as clean and pure as possible. We believe that if you’re going to drink something every day, it must be good for you.


Preparation starts in spring and farmers harvest the tea from October to March each year, in a process that continues almost without rest. The tea plants are pruned from the top and as new shoots appear and grow, they are pruned again, often up to four times. The first harvest is the most prized but subsequent harvests also produce great quality tea with prominent, balanced flavours.


Green tea from North East Victoria is made specifically for Australian taste buds and is customised to suit our drinking water. From the farm to the factory it’s given a ridiculous amount of love and attention. The process of steaming, roasting and drying tea is a sensitive and intricate thing. Tea makers continually assess texture, taste, colour, aroma and look, checking the tea at each stage of its journey from the farm to you.


Hand blending tea is a creative and rewarding endeavour and each of our blends is a labour of love with a story behind it. We are guided by the principles of simplicity and deliciousness when crafting blends and all of the herbs, flowers, seeds and fruits used are either organic or wild harvested. We don’t use synthetic chemicals or sprays to boost the flavour or aroma of our blends.