Our Story


Our Ambition: to share Australian green tea and ignite people’s love of it.

Our Mission: to make Australian grown green tea famous.

Our Desire: to create and celebrate simple, beautiful things.

Perfect South is dedicated to promoting and fostering an appreciation for Australian green tea, with the overarching goal to ignite people’s love of tea

Our enterprise is firmly grounded on the core values of goodness, simplicity, creativity, beauty, and naturalness. Perfect South is here to make famous delicious Australian grown green tea, and to get more people drinking and enjoying health benefits of green tea. People are generally surprised to learn that green tea grows in Australia, and while the industry is young, the product has immense potential, both locally and abroad. When grown in the right climate and conditions, the tea plant thrives in our country, and when processed with skill, care, and attention, it’s turned into an awesome and healthy product.

Launched in 2012 as a modest passion project, Perfect South has since flourished into a reputable brand boasting an extensive portfolio of 14 distinct tea varieties and blends. Our teas are sought-after and savoured in numerous esteemed restaurants and hotels throughout Australia, having firmly established themselves as a vital element of the tea-drinking culture.

At Perfect South, we are committed to exclusively sourcing premium-grade tea that embodies a balanced and smooth flavour profile, without the characteristic bitterness often associated with green tea. We meticulously curate a select range of styles exclusively selected from the most recent two harvests, ensuring unparalleled freshness. Moreover, our team diligently crafts bespoke blends and limited-edition teas that cater specifically to the discerning tastes of the Australian market, fostering a truly unique and exceptional tea-drinking experience.