Three multi-award winning Australian green teas


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Our beautiful gift box featuring three award-winning Australian grown green teas.

Teas included:

    – a
     refreshing steamed tea with grassy-sweet umami notes
    – won a Silver Medal at the 2017 Royal Sydney Fine Food Show and a Bronze Medal at the 2018 Royal Hobart Fine Food Show
    – a flavoursome and comforting roasted tea with a nutty, toasty finish

    – won a Gold Medal at the 2017 Royal Sydney Fine Food Show, a Silver Medal at the 2018 Royal Sydney Fine Food Show, and a Bronze Medal at the 2018 Royal Hobart Fine Food Show
    – a
     full flavoured tea with balanced roasted, nutty and vegetal notes
    – won a Silver Medal at the 2017 Royal Sydney Fine Food Show, and a Bronze Medal at the 2018 Royal Hobart Fine Food Show

Customer reviews:

Here’s what our customers say about these classic Japanese style teas…

  • “This tea is a delight, light, vegetal, a little buttery and very refreshing” – Shincha
  • “OMGoodness, this tea! It is absolutely divine. It’s exactly how it is described and the best roasted green tea I have ever had” – Houjicha
  • “I love the Matcha Genmaicha… it is a nice strong taste. Perfect for my after dinner tea. It is the best!” – Matcha Genmaicha

What’s in the box?

Our gift box features glass jars containing around 45g of tea each (it can vary due to leaf size). Descriptions of each tea together with brewing instructions are on the underside of the lid. The matt black cardboard box has a gold foiled icon on the top, a postcard, and is tied with natural string. It really is the perfect gift for a tea lover. Box dimensions are 16cm (l) x 12cm (w) x 6cm (h).

To ensure the tea stays fresh and full flavoured keep the jars in the box or store in a dark cupboard away from light and moisture.

These teas contains some caffeine. No artificial flavours are added.

  • Shincha
    Australian green tea.
  • Houjicha
    Australian green tea.
  • Matcha Genmaicha
    Australian green tea with imported rice and matcha powder.

Serve: 1 teaspoon per cup of water (250ml)
Water temperature: 60° – 70°
Steeping time: 3 minutes (no longer!)
Remove leaves from pot before drinking. Never use boiling water when brewing.


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