Interview with Real Foods Projects

Interview with Real Foods Projects

This post was first published on the Real Food Projects blog in the lead up to their Christmas Market...


Run by Paul and Renee, this little tea company sources all their green tea from Australian plantations and it is beautiful! They'll be at the market so drop by to pick up a perfect pressie. 

How exactly does one become a tea master?
Renee: Ahh yes, the tea master title is intriguing. There is a certification course run by Australian Tea Masters. You study hard, taste and evaluate a lot of tea and sit a test with a blind tasting

Where is green tea is grown in Australia?
Renee: It’s grown in a few places – in North East Victoria (that’s were our tea comes from), there’s a plantation near Gosford in New South Wales, some up in the Tweed Valley in Queensland, and then in Western Australia and I think in Tasmania too.

What were your jobs before starting Perfect South?
Renee: I worked in the PR industry as a social media and brand strategist, which has been very handy for starting a business.
Paul: I was a dolphin trainer and an occasional graphic designer. I still do all the ongoing design work for Perfect South which is always fun.

If there was one thing about the food system you could change, what would it be?
Renee: Waste. It bothers me no end to see perfectly good food thrown out. If the public knew or saw how much food is wasted on a daily basis they’d be horrified. We definitely need more support or organisations like OzHarvest.
Paul: For me, the big one is factory farming. I made the decision a couple of years ago to only eat meat that came from ethical farms.

What will you be buying each other from the market for Christmas?
Renee: Paul loves Cornersmith pickles, Pepe Saya butter and Young Henry’s beer. I imagine they’ll all be consumed immediately after opening on Christmas Day.
Paul: I think I’ll get Renee some Cornersmith pickles, Pepe Saya butter and a bottle of Young Henry’s finest.