A complex and elegant tea with sweet notes

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Limited Edition Shincha Okuhikari is a tea that arrived into our world by surprise! From a farm in the Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria, this green tea is derived from a variety of tea plant called Okuhikari, which is a late harvest variety. It must have been keen as to get growing, because it arrived early in spring, much to everyone’s surprise.  The tea farmer harvested the young spring leaves which were bursting with flavour. They were then very carefully processed, via steaming and rolling, to maintain the integrity and quality of the fresh leaf, which is higher in amino acids (flavour) and fibre than our regular Shincha.

The result is an uber high-quality spring tea with very complex layers of flavour, a sweet aroma and slight sweetness on the palate.  It has the grassy and vegetal umami notes you’d expect from a classic Japanese-style green tea and has absolutely no bitterness. In terms of Australian green tea, you’d be hard pressed finding a better tea in existence right now. It’s just so elegant and refined. We haven’t seen a tea of such a high quality in a very long time.  It’s a tea to enjoy at any time of day or night and is excellent brewed hot, but for something really, really special, we recommend cold brewing this one.

Australian green tea. Contains some caffeine. No artificial flavours added.

Hot Brew

Serve: 1 teaspoon per cup of water (250ml)
Water temperature: 60° – 70°
Steeping time: 3 minutes
Remove leaves from pot before drinking. Never use boiling water when brewing.

Cold Brew

Serve: 1-2 heaped teaspoon per cup of water (250ml)
Water temperature: 0°
Steeping time: 6 – 12 hours
Steep over night in the fridge for best result.


  1. Clare Verngreen (verified owner)

    A first for me and WoW. Mellow grassy and smooth.
    Such a different and subtle taste. I have another tea to open but will be putting your limited edition Shincha at the top of my shopping list.

  2. Lynne (verified owner)

    I really enjoy perfect south tea, it is not bitter at all. On my new order I purchased the LIMITED EDITION SHINCHA OKUHIKARI which is the best of all the perfect south tea. They are more expensive than supermarket green tea but you get what you pay for as the saying goes.

  3. Amelia (verified owner)

    I have found this tea to be an excellent cold brew. Perfectly refreshing in the summer months with a sweet fresh light yet flavoursome taste with the faintest hint of a mint aftertaste which is simply a reflection of the high quality green tea.

    For those unfamiliar with the cold brew method the T2 jugs work well – fill the jug with water and add tea to the centre receptacle. Place in the fridge overnight and wake up to freshly brewed chilled green tea. I brewed for 12 hours which was perfect.

  4. Michael Saul

    I travel to China and Japan to buy my green tea directly, out of curiosity I wanted to see what the best of Australia had to offer. I thought the Shincha Okuhikari was fantastic. Strong though not overly bitter and incredibly tasty. Fresh and pungent, this will have a special place in the ‘regularly drunk’ section of my tea collection. I would like to see the same tea offered as hand-picked or a more refined picking process. I would happily pay the extra. Great story, great product. Looking forward to sharing with my friends.

  5. Pascale Sameli – Travelling Samovar Tea Anthropology (verified owner)

    This Ojuhikari Shincha surprised me by its high quality, rich and complex taste and superb mouthfeel.
    Upon opening the packet, the aroma of the dry leaf was promising with its heady combination of baked notes and marine notes.
    I brewed this tea “Japanese Gyokuro sryle” / “Gongfu style”: (8 gm of tea, 90 ml, 50 °C, 90 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec, 120 sec.).
    The first infusion was thick, brothy, smooth and both sweet and bursting with umami. Outstanding!
    The second infusion kept delivering sweetness and umami and I was surprised to find no bitterness at all.
    The third infusion was still very pleasant and balanced with a very slight bitterness developping. This quickly changed into a lingering sweet after-taste, which persisted on the couple of subsequent infusions I did, as I wanted to see how far I could push this tea!
    What stood out for me:
    – Aroma.
    – sweet and savoury notes.
    – Lack of bitterness on first 3 infusions.
    – Mild astringency – developping on 3rd infusion & onwards – which turns into a lingering sweet after-taste.
    – Smooth mouthfeel.
    – Long-lasting sweetness.

    A fabulous tea at a fabulous price with low food-miles for us in Oz!

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