UPBEATS Community / Free Breakfast Talk

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I get pretty excited about new ideas. As a creative person who loves design, business, living well and having a good time, I feel like UPBEATS was made just for me.

UPBEATS is a new global community of people, stories and ideas that focus on good living by design. What exactly does that mean? Well, UPBEATS is about the good things in life – good food, good heath, good design, good music and more.  Pretty much everything someone like me is interested in, all wrapped up into a cool and good lookin’ little package.

This month UPBEATS launched their beta website where you can create a profile and connect with like-minded people. There’s free monthly events, email newsletters and lots of social stuff – online and offline – that you can get involved with.

Their first talk in Sydney is themed Green Is The New Black and I’ll be fronting up to talk about what this means to me while also telling the story of Perfect South.  A wholesome and healthy breakfast is on the house with delicious muesli by g.luxe and of course, some green tea to get your day started. It’s on Friday 13 June at 7.15am at The Office Space in Surry Hills.

Register for the event here http://upbeats.co/event/upbeats-in-sydney-june-2014/