Strawberry and Mint Iced Tea Recipe

Here’s a simple and quick iced tea recipe using our Houjicha green tea as the base. Houjicha is very versatile and pairs well with citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, or limes and also fruits, like peaches or berries so please …

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Limited Edition Teaware Release

As we were coming into official tea drinking season (winter that is) we thought, “Wouldn’t some beautiful tea cups be nice,” and shortly after we stumbled upon ceramic artist, Sophie Harle, from Shiko in Melbourne. When we learned more about …

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Anthill Smart 100 Awards

Soooo, among hundreds of nominations we’ve been selected for the Anthill SMART 100 AWARDS. The awards recognise innovative start-up businesses and we managed to get in the top 20 – not to shabby at all! You can read our write …

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Finders Keepers Farmers Lane

In May we were asked to join a Farmers Lane at The Finders Keepers market curated by our friends at Real Food Projects. The Finders Keepers is a fantastic craft market held a couple of times a year in Sydney, …

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