Off to Japan to taste tea

Last month we took a quick trip to Kyoto to visit family and taste tea.  The season had just turned but the landscape was still speckled with Autumn colours – yellow, orange and shades of the brightest red.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto and by coincidence they had a tea tasting night with tea purveyors from the highly regarded Uji region, which is a short train trip outside of Kyoto’s city centre.  Later in the week travelled out there for a tea tasting session and a look around. We stopped in at the Tsuen Tea House, famously known as Japan’s longest operating tea shop, which has provided tea to tired travelers for oh, you know, 850 years! We bought matcha powder and a bamboo spoon and whisk from the 23rd generation tea shop owner and I pondered if Perfect South would be around as long.

In Japan, everywhere you look there are beautiful things to oooh and ahhh over. There is a simplicity, restraint and beauty in Japanese design that you just cant fathom unless you’ve seen it first hand. The Japanese aesthetic has always inspired us and we never get tired of traveling there.  We look hundreds of photos, here are a handful.