New! Limited Edition Shincha Okuhikari

Limited Edition Shincha Okuhikari is a tea that arrived into our world by surprise! From a farm in the Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria, this green tea is derived from a variety of tea plant called Okuhikari, which is a late harvest variety. The Shincha we regularly carry is the Sayama Kaori variety, an early harvest variety.

Well, our friend Okuhikari must have been keen as to get growing, because he arrived early in spring, much to everyone’s surprise.  The tea farmer harvested the young spring leaves which were bursting with flavour. They were then very carefully processed, via steaming and rolling, to maintain the integrity and quality of the fresh leaf (which is higher in amino acids e.g. flavour, and fibre than our regular Shincha).

The result is a uber high-quality spring tea with very complex layers of flavour, a sweet aroma and slight sweetness on the palate.  It has the grassy and vegetal umami notes you’d expect from a classic Japanese-style green tea but has absolutely no bitterness. The dried tea leaf is well shaped with an even dark green colour and the tea’s liquor is a pretty, pale gold colour.

In terms of Australian green tea, you’d be hard pressed finding a better tea. It’s just so elegant and refined – we haven’t seen a tea of such a high quality in a very long time.  It’s a tea to enjoy at any time of day or night and is excellent brewed hot, but for something really special, we recommend cold brewing this one.

We only have a small amount of this tea and once it’s sold out – that’s it! Buy now.