Lost idle pleasures

After a stupidly busy six months where I haven’t had time to scratch myself, I was actually able to take an afternoon snooze on the lounge the other day.  It was heaven and it made me think about all those simple pleasures that I’d been missing out on of late.

Then, while waiting for a friend I noticed this book on the coffee table: The Book of Idle Pleasures by Tom Hodgkinson.  With a little bit of time to kill I opened it up and started flicking through the pages.  The book is described as an antidote to consumer overload; a compendium of simple delights. Some of the idle pleasures (there are over 100 listed!) include whistling, philosophising, cloud watching, messing about in boats, poking the fire, bathrobes and of course, waiting for the tea to brew.

The author contrasts aspects of today’s life against the everyday pleasures that we’ve grown to overlooked and he does this in a charming and light hearted, which makes the book a really good read.  He calls dreams the original cyberspace, our own built-in spiritual virtual reality and suggest that if you want to get creative, swap the dead glow of Photoshop for whittling away at a stick with a penknife.  I wrote down a list of my favourites so I can idle away some days…