Lime & Coconut Sencha Pina Colada Recipe

Cocktail IMG_6197-2

Ok, so it’s a few days off winter but having just come back from Thailand, this cocktail recipe has us hanging onto those hot summer vibes. Nothing says tropical holiday more than a Pina Colada, and this tea infused version will transport you to a happy place, even if you’re still in your lounge room.


90mL Perfect South Lime & Coconut Sencha tea
60mL Perfect South Lime & Coconut Sencha tea infused white rum or vodka
45mL pineapple juice
30mL coconut milk
1 tsp raw sugar for white rum or 2 tsp raw sugar for vodka
1 pineapple wedge


Cocktail shaker
Stemless wine glass
Fine mesh strainer


Spoon out 1 tsp of tea into a tea pot
Pour in 90mL of water at 70-80°C
Steep for no more than 3 minutes
Separate tea leaves and water using a fine strainer (ensure no leaves are left in the water)


Spoon out 1 tsp of tea into a small cup
Pour in 65mL white rum and vodka
Infuse for no more than 45 minutes
Separate the tea leaves, rum/vodka using a fine strain (ensure no tea leaves are left in the alcohol)


Stir sugar and coconut cream then add tea, tea-infused white rum/vodka and pineapple juice, shake with ice and strain into a chilled stemless wine glass filled with ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge.

Drink and enjoy!

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