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Our favourite time of the year has arrived! The annual Sydney Tea Festival is on Sunday 20 August at Carriageworks.  It’s the ultimate celebration of specialty loose leaf tea where you can experience and connect with dozens of teas purveyors from Australia and beyond.  The one-day event …

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Dinner at Rockpool with Perfect South

Together with Rockpool we are excited to present a six-course menu paired with a range of our Australian green teas. Join us for this intimate dinner at Rockpool on Bridge Street, Sydney: 6.00pm Tuesday 18 August 2015 / $160 per …

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strawberry mint iced tea recipe

Matcha Explained

What is matcha? Simply put, matcha is stone-milled powdered green tea, but there’s so much more to it than that! matcha is the ceremonial and highly prized tea of the Japanese. They have been making and drinking matcha for decades, …

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Strawberry and Mint Iced Tea Recipe

Here’s a simple and quick iced tea recipe using our Houjicha green tea as the base. Houjicha is very versatile and pairs well with citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, or limes and also fruits, like peaches or berries so please …

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tea masters certificate

Becoming a tea master

I’ve recently completed a course to become a certified Tea Master. On announcing this title to a friend I was asked if it was like being a Jedi Master, to which I replied “yes, it’s exactly like that!” However, in …

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Tea harvest finishes for the season

The 2011 – 2012 Australian green tea harvest has come to an end after a few hectic months and things are looking good.  The recent downpours or floods didn’t affect the farms and the tea is being crafted as we …

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