The story of the tea festivals

  Perfect South is a co-founder of the Sydney and Melbourne Tea Festivals in partnership with our friends from the Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Redfern. Here is the story of how we ended up creating two big annual …

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Lost idle pleasures

After a stupidly busy six months where I haven’t had time to scratch myself, I was actually able to take an afternoon snooze on the lounge the other day.  It was heaven and it made me think about all those …

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To thee I do wed

While I was perusing Zed and Bee’s blog the other day I came across this wedding.  As you know, at Perfect South we love discovering the fusion of anything Japanese and Australian and who doesn’t like a love story?  The …

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A simple business that captured our hearts

Simple ideas are often the most inspired and business ideas don’t get much more inspired than this. An article about ManCans recently caught our eye.  We have a man tea (Houjicha) and we thought ManCans (man-scented candles for men) was …

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