Caffeine in our green teas

If you’ve ever wondered which of our green teas have more caffeine than others, read on.

Some people drink tea as an alternative to coffee, but there’s caffeine in tea too! We frequently get emails asking which of our teas are lower in caffeine, so below I’ve ranked Perfect South teas in order of caffeine content from least to most caffeinated.

Each batch of tea is different of course, and for our teas only the dried leaf is tested in a lab for caffeine levels, (not the brewed tea liquid), so it’s hard to say for sure the amount of caffeine present, but here’s an indication (from low to high):


  • Genmaicha –  is lowest because this tea is blended with rice, so you’re getting much less actual tea leaf.
  • Matcha Genmaicha
  • Kukicha – is low in caffeine because it’s harvested later in the season and both twigs and leaf are used from the plant, so there’s less true tea leaf.
  • Houjicha – tends to be lower in caffeine because the leaf is roasted during processing, which evaporates some of the caffeine.
  • Sencha
  • Shincha


Shincha is highest in caffeine because it’s harvested first in spring, where the plants compounds are at their highest after laying dormant during winter. If you like the affects of caffeine, try a couple of strong cups of Shincha in the morning and you won’t need a coffee again.


Photography by Alana Dimou