A simple business that captured our hearts

Simple ideas are often the most inspired and business ideas don’t get much more inspired than this. An article about ManCans recently caught our eye.  We have a man tea (Houjicha) and we thought ManCans (man-scented candles for men) was a great idea.  The candles are seasonal and feature unique man-inspired scents, such as cigar, cut grass and campfire.

The entrepreneur behind ManCan is an American teenager, which alone, is pretty amazing. He asked a simple question: “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?” The fact he started his business two years ago with $100 pocket money and an investment of $200 from his parents, is also amazing.  Then there’s the fact that the very nature of his business helps people and has resulted in 24,000 meals being served at a soup kitchen; and the fact that his product re-uses an existing product, while also being recyclable itself. Could this story get any better?  Yes it could, actually. The business has been so successful, its owner, Hart Main (cool name), now employs his parents – double awesome – what a lord.

We are also enamored with the simplicity and authenticity of his brand.  Hart’s got a lot of heart, don’t you think?

Visit ManCans’ website.  Try Houjicha, our man tea!